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If you own a Private Language Academy, Direct a School or Public Institution or any other establishment where you teach English, then why not become one of our collaborators and join TPM EXAMS by becoming a Cambridge Assessment English Preparation Centre?

You get lots of pressies when you sign up.
Things that really make you feel part of something great!

There isn’t any fine print and it’s free of charge. Our mutual collaboration is based on goodwill and a handshake. You wouldn’t be exclusive to ES343 TPM EXAMS by becoming one of our Preparation Centres.

*You’re requested to follow the Cambridge protocol which isn’t much more than common sense and decency.

Schools, Colleges and other Educational establishments.

We’ve got a special deal for you!

With regards to Cambridge Exams, there are lots of features which make it really interesting for your educational establishment.

> First of all, there’s the Welcome Pack:

> Young Learners from the age of approx. 8 (really it depends on their level more than their age) can start to take exams and become part of the Cambridge Learning Journey.

> You don’t have to change Editorial or your Educational programme, although you can if you’d like to. Taking on Cambridge University Press can be very advantageous for many reasons (see Cambridge Learning Partners). We have direct contact if you would like to speak to them (nudge, nudge, wink, wink…!)

> Minimum numbers? well, to be honest, it is the norm to say 10, however, they can be mixed up. For example, Young Learners have 3 levels, and all 3 levels can be done at the same time. Something similar can be worked out for lower suite (A2 and B1) and main suite (B2 and C1).

> Schools can literally choose exam dates on-demand and if we don’t reach the minimum number of candidates at your school, then we can always add them to other sessions.

> We’ll come along and show you how to set up your Exam Sessions.


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