Who are we?

We’re a small team of dedicated professionals

We have huge
smiles and lots
of goodwill

Transparency is our middle name and we’re all about getting the job done, making things easy for you whether you be an Individual Candidate, a Preparation Centre, a School or Public Institution.

We’ve probably been through every process Cambridge has come up with to date,  from running Preparation Centres and holding the hands of our candidates on the day of their exams, to becoming Speaking Examiners and Teacher Trainers. Admin, ordering books, putting on a spread and carrying around a box of hankies …it’s all part and package of who we are.

We answer all our telephone calls (please leave a message) and all our emails because we never stop! We try to get some downtime late evenings and at the weekend when we’re not hosting exam sessions or examining.

We also make a nice cup of tea! or coffee if that is more to your liking!

If you’re wondering what we look like, well, we haven’t plastered our photos all over the web because we’re camera shy!

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