It’s hard to guess, right?

Which exam is right for me?

First of all...​

Which type
of certification
is best for you?

The question is, what type of certification do you need? Why do you need a certification?

If you need an official certification then the body requesting it should outline which certifications are accepted.

If you don’t need an official certification then there are other options.

We’re here to help YOU! We’re aware that the world of Exams is a complex one if you haven’t been trained in it or experienced it first hand, and even then you might feel confused, had a poor experience or just need some guidance.

Cambridge Exams are accepted everywhere!
More than 25,000 organisations in 130 countries around the world rely on their secure exams and tests as proof of English language ability.

Success in a Cambridge English Qualification provides you with an internationally recognised certificate showing the level you have attained in English. Because they are known and recognised by schools, universities, private and public sector employers all over the English-speaking world. More information about Cambridge qualifications here.

If you wish to travel, work or study abroad, what you could be looking for is an official Cambridge Assessment English Exams in which case you should look at preparing for a specific exam level. Check out your level here.

Cambridge Assessment English Exams have a lot of weight behind them so it’s best that you prepare yourself for them with an authorised Cambridge English Qualifications Preparation Centre before sitting the exam.

There are fixed calendar dates for each level, normally about 3 times per year.

The inscription and payment are made at least 6 weeks in advance. See Dates and enrollment.

Most exams take a whole morning and results are received about 2 months later.

As far as we’re concerned,
Linguaskill is the BAD GIRL of English level testing

There are 3 types of tests available:

  1. Linguaskill for UNIVERSITIES
  2. Linguaskill for BUSINESS
  3. Linguaskill for CANDIDATES

Cambridge’s definition of Linguaskill is slightly different from our’s, we beg your pardon Cambridge… We say that Linguaskill knocks the socks off the competition! It’s the punk-rocker and rebel with a cause of multi-level testing!

And loads of establishments accept it, such as: UIB, CC.OO, Correos, Policia Nacional (to mention but a few, we ought to put up a full list…).

Find more information about Linguaskill exams here.

You still want to test your level...

Whats my level?

Like most, you probably have no idea! Don’t fret, this is very normal. THIS might help.

You could also check out the EAQUALS CEFR RUBRIC but you might need a whole day to understand it and auto-evaluate yourself! It certainly isn’t that easy!

That said, there are a few ways to check your current level, some are free and others aren’t. 

The Paula Method Test.

It’s excellent value for money because it is corrected by hand by top-class teachers.

This level test covers Reading and English in Use, Speaking, Listening and Writing. 

It costs 30 € and you receive your results in form of a PDF Certificate which is great to add to your CV or use as a guide as to which path on your Learning Journey you ought to take next. 

Free Level Tests.

There are loads of them on the internet, all you have to do is Google “English level test” and the list is endless.

The thing is, they generally only cover 1 or 2 skills, normally missing the Speaking and Listening, which are for many, the most important parts!

You can try with these:

Need help?