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As far as we’re concerned,

Is the
of English
level testing

There are 3 types of tests available:

  1. Linguaskill for UNIVERSITIES
  2. Linguaskill for BUSINESS
  3. Linguaskill for CANDIDATES

Which one are you?

Cambridge’s definition of Linguaskill is slightly different from our’s, we beg your pardon Cambridge... We say that Linguaskill knocks the socks off the competition! It’s the punk-rocker and rebel with a cause of multi-level testing!

And loads of establishments accept it, such as: UIB, CC.OO, Correos, Policia Nacional (to mention but a few, we ought to put up a full list…).

You can find more information on the  Lingaskill Website, but if you want some personalised information, you can write us a message:

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